Why choose Chamco Béton

Quick and efficient

Whether you are in Canada or the United States , Chamco concrete will serve you efficiently and offer impeccable service.

Superior Quality

Our concrete used for bases, porches and architectural panels is CSA and Qualibéton certified. Moreover, Chamco has developed its own ultra high performance concrete giving it a very high resistance to flexions and compressions.


With over 30 years of experience in the industry and the development of several types of concrete, Chamco Béton will deliver a turnkey service to it’s customers and partners starting by the conception of matrices and molds to finally deliver the desired pieces with their specific details.


Always on the lookout for new trends, Chamco Béton offers the latest technology of concrete through its products

About us

Chamco Béton works in the precast concrete industry since 1986.

The company has worked in the prepared concrete industry for more than 30 years and has now oriented their products to precast concrete with their accumulated expertise.

Maintain the offer and development of a wide range of superior quality products for it’s customer.


Products such as balconies , porches , pillars and bases are made ​​with Qualibéton and CSA certified concrete .